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5 Proven Strategies to Help You Win At Work

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Webinar Host Dr. Sharalyn Marie Payne

About Your Host – Dr. Sharalyn Marie Payne

Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Published Author, Podcast Personality, Activator.  

 I like to say that I’m your Push Partner.  I help push successful, ambitious women to create an extraordinary life filled with love, power, wealth, and freedom.  I’m also the author of the book, Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable., which I wrote to help people just like you achieve even more success, in spite of the odds and fight for the amazing life they so deserve.

When I think of the life I live today and how happy I am, and I look back to what seems like the distant past, I cannot believe there was a time when I was wondering, “If I could truly be happy.  I wondered if I was simply ungrateful.  I wondered why did some people get the breaks and others didn’t. “It wasn’t until I discovered why I was put here on this earth and exactly what I was supposed to do, that my life truly changed and in a MAJOR way.  Everything that I had gone through and everything I had accomplished all led to my purpose.

 My business knowledge and genius helps women to create exponential success. Put it simply, I’m a multiplier.  I have an ability to take people, things, and ideas and connect them in such a way that they are bigger, stronger, better and even more significant than they were before. I’ve been called an empire builder and to be honest.  I kind of like that name. Ok, so, I’m kind of a nerd, I have more certifications than one probably should because I was on the right path to finding my purpose, but wasn’t quite there.  The good thing about that though is those certifications and degrees are actually extremely beneficial in when I teach and coach others because I deliver information in a way that breaks it down so it not only makes sense to you, but also so you can easily apply the principles and get results. 


Create a Concrete Game Plan that outlines the steps necessary to accomplish your own individual goals, achieve career success, and accelerate your rise to the top. Learn how to navigate and advance your career with key insights that are normally reserved for employees identified as “High-Potential”.


This course is for you if you:

  • Are a highly driven, ambitious, professional woman who believes that a life of love, power, wealth, and freedom is the only way to live.
  • Are an action-oriented woman who deserves more and is willing to put in the work necessary to achieve your goals and make your dream a reality.
  • Realize that while you have achieved some success in your career that is just the tip of the iceberg for you.
  • Are ready to be vulnerable, honest, transparent, and open so you can learn from your past and come out stronger than before.
  • Are ready to work on your inner self so that you can attract the outward markings of success you deep down desire and deserve.
  • Know that your skills have been undervalued.
  • Feel that you are not living up to your full potential.
  • Know that you can be successful in a different role if they will just give you a shot.
  • Are ready to get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back once and for all.


Let Me Ask You a Question…

  • Have you ever not gotten a promotion, job, raise, or bonus that you expected and to be honest knew you should have gotten?
  • Have you ever been laid off or worse fired and people less sharp than you got to keep their jobs?
  • Have you ever felt out of place or like you were an imposter and sooner or later they were going to find out that you weren’t as good as they thought you were?


Take this live course and learn how to…

  • Avoid the Political Landmines That Can Block Your Success or Land You on the Chopping Block
  • Uncover and Move Your Boss’ Agenda
  • Gain Clarity on When You Need to Fit In and When You Need to Stand Out
  • Position Yourself in Meetings So You Can Increase Your Savviness, Influence, and Impact
  • Decipher When You Should Lead With EQ vs IQ So You Can Avoid Critical Mistakes
  • Discover Your X-Factor and Overcome Your Blind Spots


What People Are Saying…

Sharalyn is so clear and concise in her trainings. She presents the information in an order that is logical and makes sense – leaving no questions unanswered. She helps you to look at things from a different angle and perspective, which gives you the intelligence and clarity needed to move forward. She is definitely no “Monday Morning Quarterback”. Her insight is right on time and doesn’t come after the fact. ~Teresa G.

The masses need what Sharalyn brings to the table. I wish that everybody, especially women, would connect with Sharalyn and Push Partner University. Every single woman needs to hear Sharalyn’s message of empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. The lessons are really eye-opening for me. Sharalyn has made me realize that I can do this and I don’t need to look for validation from anyone else on what it is that I want to do. Sharalyn helps you to see your value and know that you are worthy. She has helped me to realize that negativity and outside influences may be there, but they cannot stop me. I’ve learned that it’s acceptable to reach out and ask for help if that’s what I need to make my dreams come true. I have become even more determined to grow my business, and strengthen my marriage than ever before. The tools, the techniques, and the insights she has provided has helped me to avoid pitfalls that really could have destroyed everything that I am working for including the things I had already built. Sharalyn has confirmed and validated some things that I have been thinking and equipped me with the knowledge needed to strategically navigate difficult people and challenging assignments. Rhonda F.